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Welcome to the OtherLife Catalog. What sorts of bizarre creatures exist throughout the universe? Or are we alone? These recently discovered specimens seem to suggest otherwise.

One of David Canavese's sculptures with a long body and rough skin. There are two lobes or stubby appendages hanging down from the back with an umbilicus between them, and short tentacles springing from its back.

These sculptures are strange life forms, formed first in dreams and then manifested in our own world through steel and latex, wood and paper. David Canavese, a somewhat mercurial and contrary artist in various media, has seen fit to spend a not insignificant number of hours in the task of transporting these samples from the briny depths of Earth's oceans and the farthest corners of our wondrous universe.

"I'm a process-driven artist first and foremost. While I might have an image in my head before starting out, I find that the piece itself and the randomness of the process contribute greatly to the finished piece. Sometimes I look at one of the finished pieces and kind of wonder where this strange creature came from."

Many of the artworks are created using a MIG welder and a unique technique of using the welding bead to build up continuously, forming mounds or even long tendrils of metal.

Canavese, who lives and works in San Jose, California, also teaches ballroom, latin, salsa and swing dancing.

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